Musical Ballerina Nails

My nails have been growing out decently, and with the length comes French manicures! This design joins some of my favorite art forms: ballet, music, and nails!

I started by painting my nails with a pretty pink gel polish from Aimeili in color 019 Cake Pop. It really does remind you of candy when you see it!


3 thin coats of Cake Pop were applied for this swatch with each coat cured for 1 minute.

I used the Nutcracker BM-XL312 plate from Maniology to get this manicure done in a hurry. After all, I value my time asleep in bed!


I transferred the ballerina from the bottom center of the plate to my ring finger with Ya Qin An polish in Black to form an accent nail. I carefully transferred the top and bottom bits of music that did not intersect the ballerina images across the tips of my nails to form a stylized French tip.


With so many fine, straight lines, it’s hard to keep the lines from distorting. That’s the only reason why I placed this design in the medium difficulty category.


I did end up touching up some of the lines with a fine detail brush and black polish, but I challenge you to figure out which parts were filled in by hand!


Overall this is a cute manicure that my fellow musicians adored for obvious reasons. Hope you enjoyed it, too! Happy polishing!

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