Phases of the Moon Manicure

Social media was buzzing with pictures of the blood wolf moon from a few days ago, so naturally it inspired me to do some nail art! Instead of doing a true eclipse sequence, I did phases of the moon.

I started by painting my nails with Celestial from Maniology. In the bottle, you can see lots of holographic glitter, but it didn’t show up nearly as well when painted on my nails.


2 coats of Celestial from Maniology were painted on my nails. Unfortunately the glitter doesn’t shine through such an opaque formula very well. I’ll have to see if it fares better when used as a stamping polish.

Stamping plates featuring the moon and stars have been all the rage as of late. This plate comes from Beauty Big Bang. You can see that I chose to focus on the 4 moons on the bottom right side of the plate.


The Beauty Big Bang XL-054 plate features all sorts of celestial bodies.

I used Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in White to transfer the moons to my nails. Then I took a few BiC Mark It permanent markers, colored in areas of a plastic bag with grey, orange, and red tones (Stone Grey, Harvest Orange, Sunset Orange, and Rambunctious Red), and used a small brush dipped in alcohol to pick the colors up from the bag as if painting with watercolor paint. This is the alcohol ink technique, and it works well for light shading.


I tried to tint the final moon more red because of the recent blood wolf moon phenomenon, but I think my top coat removed some of the pigment. You can see how the grey alcohol ink really gives the moon more texture.

As you can see, I chose to mattify the design with BK Super Matte Surface Oil. It doesn’t really play well with stamping as I learned the hard way with my red moon, but if you apply a big droplet of the top coat on your nail, you can manage to not touch your brush directly to the design as you spread the formula, keeping your stamping intact.


It looks pretty chic and has a slightly 80s vibe to it. Who else is thinking of the album cover for The Dark Side of the Moon?

Hope the eclipse hasn’t turned anyone you know into a lunatic! Happy polishing!

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