Review of UR SUGAR Base and Top Coat Set

Get ready for Gelpolishpalooza! It’s funny how I never thought that I would do gel manicures, but somehow I’ve ended up as a reviewer for a ton of them now! Expect to see quite a few more gel polish reviews in the near future.

Today’s focus is going to be on the foundation of any good gel manicure: a base and top coat set. This one is from UR Sugar, and it had my doubts because this set is one of the cheapest ones you can find for the amount of formula you get!


The UR Sugar Base and Top Coat set comes in a 15 mL bottle size. That’s one of the largest bottle sizes you can obtain, especially for gel polish!

One area where they cut costs is in the packaging. While the bottles look very chic and stylish with their black and white design and gold trimmed caps, they do not have an outer carton box. They’re simply placed in separate little plastic zip sealed bags with an item bar code sticker slapped on one side. This little detail doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing the product for personal use, but it might not give the best impression on the retail side of things.

Because there is no box, instructions aren’t included, and the ingredients list is printed right on the back of the bottle.


Beats me as to what all those chemicals are, but the list is somehow identical for both the base and top coat bottle.

The formulas aren’t very thick and apply easily with the brush that is included. It’s best to use thin coats for any gel application, and you won’t have a problem with clumping or pooling as long as you wipe away any excess polish from the brush before painting.


The base and top coat cured in one minute for each layer in my 36W UV/LED lamp. It’s possible that it might cure in as little as 30 seconds, although I did not test that. The base coat remained a little sticky after curing, as a proper base coat should do, and it did not shrink when applied. The top coat cured crystal clear and gave my nails a nice shiny appearance. I love that it’s also a no wipe formula, so you’re ready to go once the top coat is done curing. I used the UR Sugar set in the manicures below.


I love the glossy shine from my glittery snowflake French manicure.


All that glistens is gold in this Baroque swirl manicure.

As for how long the manicure lasts, I’ve had the same gel polish on my right hand for over 2 weeks, and nothing has peeled or chipped off. If anything, because I used a clear glitter gel for this test, I can see that I have very minor lifting in one or two areas around my cuticles, but I liken this to me being a little lazy prepping my nails for the gel application as new growth tends to retain natural oils more. If you keep in mind that I still handle acetone with that hand to remove the polish from stamping plates, toenails, and my left hand, the durability of the top coat is unbelievable!

Removal is the same as with any other gel formula. You can soak your nails in pure acetone for several minutes, file off the top coat, and gently scrape off the polish repeating the soaking process as necessary so as not to damage your nails.

So remember, buff away any shine from your nails before applying any sort of gel polish and make sure you clean any dust and oil from your nail beds with pure acetone or alcohol to ensure you have the longest lasting manicure possible. If you take care to apply thin coats of polish, your manicure will last practically forever, which makes this set from UR Sugar a complete steal and a bargain buy. Who needs extra packaging, anyway?

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this gel base and top coat set (retail price is $8.99 USD), the link for the item is below. Happy polishing!

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I may earn from qualified purchases.

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