Frozen Olaf Nails

With the recent deep freeze across the US, I decided to paint Olaf from the movie Frozen. What better way to stay happy in the cold?

To start, I applied and cured 2 coats of color TC06 from Aimeili (literally called Glitter Purple to Glitter Blue) along with their gel base and top coat. This gel polish is from their thermal collection, so the color is dark purple in the cold and turns into a medium light blue when it’s warm. The jelly formula also has different sized pieces of silver glitter in it, which remind me of snow.

Here’s a shot of it mid-transition!


I haven’t done any hand painted designs in quite awhile, so it was nice to take a break from stamping to add Olaf to my ring finger as an accent nail. I used fine brushes and Craft Smart Acrylic Paints in white, black, dark grey, brown, and orange to bring him to life.


I tried to shoot video of me painting him, but apparently I lean in really close when I have to paint detailed things, so I totally blocked the camera! We’ll have to try again some other time. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay updated!

I hope you’re staying warm! Happy polishing!

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