Lucky Money Manicure

Happy Chinese New Year!

Frankly, I have to admit that I’m a little appalled by some of the “Chinese New Year” manicures that I’ve been seeing. Apparently some people think the prompt is simply “Asian,” which allows them to paint Japanese cherry blossom manicures or Kabuki masks. I mean, at least get the country right!

Any self respecting Chinese person will tell you that this holiday is all about the color red to scare off bad spirits and bring you good luck. Equally important is the color gold to welcome money and fortune into your life, which is why lucky money envelopes are usually red and gold.

This manicure is clearly inspired by these envelopes, so I started by painting my nails a nice bright red. I used 064 Pillar Box Red from Aimeili here, applying 2 coats and curing each one for one minute.


Because I’m always strapped for time, I decided to stamp the lucky money design from the BM-S228 plate from Maniology.


I used Ya Qin An stamping polish in Gold along with the pattern from the top right corner of the plate for this manicure. I wanted to showcase the borders of the design to really duplicate the style of many red envelopes out there, so I created a French tip look by leaving space along the free edge of my nails.


To achieve straight lines, you may want to seek out either a larger stamper or one with a flatter stamper head so that the image does not distort when you transfer it.

I couldn’t find an envelope with a similar design, but I’m grateful for having any envelopes at all!


Hope the year of the pig brings you good fortune! Happy polishing!

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