Purrfect Together Valentine’s Day Manicure

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ I’m going to show you a “Purrfect Together” Valentine card design that I created for the occasion.

I started by painting my nails with 022 Rose Nude from Aimeili. It is a beautiful classic sheer light pink creme shade. I applied and cured 3 coats for one minute each in a 36W UV/LED lamp.


022 Rose Nude from Aimeili.

This manicure was done with the Beauty Big Bang XL-046 plate. It has a romantic love theme across all the images.


The cats in the lower right corner really appealed to me, but I had to shrink down the image to make it fit better on my nail. I transferred the image to a stretched out squishy stamper head so that when I released the tension, the image became smaller. I then colored in one cat with white nail polish and applied top coat over it to make a decal that I could transfer to my nail. I trimmed the edges and applied another layer of top coat over everything to get it to adhere to the base color.


The polishes used were white and black colors from Ya Qin An. Notice that the image gets reversed when using the shrinking technique.

I used the 5th image from the left in the top row of the plate along with UO Nail Lacquer in Pink Holo to stamp the heart filled tree branch design on my other nails to complete the look.


The images stamped with holographic polish may not be easy to see at first glance, but I love the subtle shimmer of the design.

While this may not be the most eye catching of manicures, it is still very pretty, cute, and super appropriate for this holiday.


Hope you have a wonderful day today, whether or not you have someone to celebrate it with. Happy polishing!

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