Love Script Manicure

As I mentioned before, I recently traveled to attend my grandmother’s funeral. For days, I struggled to think of how to paint my nails. It wasn’t so much about coming up with something funeral appropriate as it was about creating something that might honor her. As she loved beautiful things and being flashy, I came up with this holographic love manicure to wear to pay my last respects.

I started by painting my nails with color 3709 from an amazing gel polish set from Clavuz. This shade is stunning in so many ways, but it is basically a mauve rose toned jelly polish with dazzling holographic glitter. As with any holo, pictures rarely do it justice.


2 coats of 3709 from Clavuz were applied for this swatch.

For lack of better words, I decided to stamp the word “love” across my nails from the Born Pretty Valentine’s Day L007 plate using Ya Qin An stamping polish in black.



I stamped the heart on my thumb with the letters across the rest of my fingers.


It’s a very simple looking design, and it looks like avant garde scribbles when the nails aren’t close together, but I love how the true message is revealed when the position is just right.


Of course, having all that holographic glitter is a huge plus, too!

At the end of the day, I have nothing but love for this and for my grandma. She always had perfectly done nails, and I know she passed her flair for makeup, style, and fashion to my mom, so this kind of thing runs in the family. It really is the perfect tribute.

It makes a lovely Valentine’s Day design as well. Love really is the answer to everything. Happy polishing!

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