Winter Floral Manicure

Welcome to March! I needed a little pick me up after having such a horrible February, so I came up with this glittery floral manicure. Hope you enjoy it!

I started by painting my nails with 2 coats of 127 Rosa Multiflora from Aimeili. This gel polish has a ton of pink foil flake glitter suspended in a pink jelly base. It’s super shiny and dazzling and would fit in perfectly at a disco.


2 coats of 127 Rosa Multiflora from Aimeili were applied with each coat cured for 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp.

The flowers for the design were taken from lower left corner of the Born Pretty Chinese Style L005 stamping plate. I’m not exactly sure what kind of flower is pictured, but it sort of looks like a chrysanthemum or peony.


I used a yellow green Born Pretty stamping polish called BP-ML01 Nirvana (although I suspect the product has had a name change to Scenery according to the website) to initially stamp the image, then I used a fine detail brush to color in the flowers with Adrianna from Julep (a pale mint green) before stamping the decal onto my nail.


My color palette was inspired by hydrangeas that are still green. I knew the flower outlines would be green, so having the flower petals be another shade of green made sense.


I also liked having the contrast between the sparkly polish and the cream finish of the floral pattern because it makes the design look more dimensional.

Here’s to a better month! Happy polishing!

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