Musical Nails

As you probably know, I’m a flutist who just happens to paint her nails a lot these days. It’s only natural for me to try to hunt out nail products that feature music notes, and I decided to feature one of my finds in this manicure, for better or worse, as you will soon learn!

I picked Aimeili’s 016 Tinsel Toast Gold Diamond gel polish as a base because of its dusky rose gold color. It surprised me that it painted on as a jelly with silver glitter because I was expecting it to be more gold because of its name, but it happens to match my gold and silver flute, so I was ok with this.


2 coats of 016 Tinsel Toast Gold Diamond from Aimeili were applied with each layer cured for 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp.

The music notes, stave, and treble clef are all part of a design on the BBBXL-049 plate from Beauty Big Bang.


The BBBXL-049 plate has a Russian theme along with a few more random elements.

This design was stamped across my nails with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black, but I have to admit that this design has one fatal flaw: it’s missing a stave line! Music is supposed to be written on a stave that consists of 5 lines, so imagine my horror when I realized that it wasn’t correct! It’s super embarrassing as a music teacher, so I’ve been asking people to just imagine that the lines are actually strings on a violin instead. If you want to get into details, the music notes aren’t pictured properly, either, but I guess some artistic license can be allowed.


Despite the errors on the plate, you can’t deny that the manicure still looks gorgeous.


If you play music, would you feel comfortable wearing this design, flaws and all? Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!

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