Holographic Butterfly Manicure

Welcome, Daylight Savings Time! To me, spring seems to start once the clocks jump ahead an hour. While I don’t enjoy losing an hour of sleep, I do enjoy the extra daylight, but the time change always makes me a little nervous that maybe my phone didn’t change the time and that my alarm will go off an hour later than it was supposed to! Hence the inspiration for this pretty butterfly (in my stomach) manicure.

I began by painting my nails with Aimeili’s 032 Eur So Chic gel polish. It is a lovely dusky rose color that looks perfect in 2 coats. Each layer cured for 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp.


Conveniently, Beauty Big Bang offers a few stamping plates with a springtime theme. The one I used is the BBBXL-042 plate which features a few different linear patterns along with flowers, leaves, birds, and butterflies.


For the background, I combined the linear pattern 3rd from the right in the bottom row of the plate along with Kiko Milano Holographic Nail Lacquer in 003 (pink).


Subtle pink holographic stripes form the background for this manicure.

There are 5 butterfly images on the plate, so I used Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black to transfer all the patterns onto stampers. I then used a detail brush to color in the wings of the butterflies with other Kiko Milano holographic polishes in a reverse stamping technique before applying the designs to my nails.


Kiko Milano Holographic Nail Lacquers in 002 (gold), 004 (purple), and 005 (blue) were used to color in the wings of the butterflies.

I love the way the holographic polishes make the butterflies pop against the creme finish of the gel polish.


Hope this manicure makes springtime weather come faster! Happy polishing!

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