Floral Jelly Polish Manicure

Spring is coming- are your nails ready?

I decided to make a DIY glitter jelly polish out of Aimeili’s 065 Pink Nude gel polish and some pink holographic flakes from Born Pretty. To try to keep things neat, rather than mix the polish and glitter together first, I created a “jelly sandwich” by layering the flakes between coats of jelly polish.


I applied and cured 2 coats of 065 Pink Nude from Aimeili. This color is a transparent pink whose shade deepens with each layer.

Because the color coat remains a little tacky after curing, I was able to apply the flakes on top of the cured layers with an eyeshadow stick before applying and curing another 2 coats of polish over the glitter.


Forming a jelly sandwich with glitter flakes from Born Pretty Store.

To create the flowers, I used the BBBXL-050 plate from Beauty Big Bang.


I chose to use the 5th pattern from the left of the top row of the plate across all my nails. I used Ya Qin An stamping polish in black for a nice solid color.


I like how the grid pattern looks like a windowpane resembling stained glass.


Hope you enjoyed this look! Happy polishing!

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