My First Time Doing Drag Marble Nails

Having been doing nail art for a number of years now, you would think that I’ve tried pretty much everything nail related by now, but surprisingly I’ve never done a drag marble manicure! People like Sveta Sanders caused quite a stir when her short video tutorials using this technique went viral on social media, but I was too obsessed with stamping and freehand designs at the time to ever want to try it out. However, the acquisition of a 12 color gel polish set from Mefa (look for a review on my blog coming soon) made me want to use all the colors! Gel polish is perfect for doing drag marbles because it doesn’t set until you cure it under a lamp, and so this design was created. Forgive me if it looks underwhelming because this was my first time doing a drag marble manicure!

I began by painting my nails with Mefa 047, a light gray color. I applied and cured 2 coats of polish, each one setting in 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp. The coverage on my nails wasn’t the greatest, but I didn’t mind because I knew I was going to apply more polish on top of this for the drag marble.


2 coat swatch of Mefa 047 gel polish.

For the next step, using the brushes from the bottles, I applied a stripe of Mefa 057 (grape candy color) down the center of my nail and stripes of Mefa 045 (lavender) on both sides of the darker hue. I meant to apply stripes of the gray polish as well but realized that I didn’t have enough room on my nail! At this point, I used a fine brush to start swirling the colors together to create the marble effect.


It’s super fun to mix the colors together! Too bad I ended up completely covering the gray polish!

I repeated this process on all of my nails before curing them in a lamp for 60 seconds. The resulting pattern is truly bespoken.


Not bad for a first timer!

I finished by applying a layer of Mefa 093 (sheer gold iridescent glitter) for some shimmer and a layer of Clavuz gel top coat to seal it all in.


I’m sure I’ll come up with a more clever design using this technique now that I broke my cherry. It’s not one of my favorite manicures, but it was fun to not have to focus on painting with precision.

Happy polishing!

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