Irish Unicorn Nails

If you blog, you’re almost always expected to come up with nails for every holiday. While I never used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all that much, my nails certainly have been on board for the past few years! This year’s inspiration came from a student of mine who dressed up as an Irish unicorn for her lesson. I became obsessed with her headband, so she gave me a homework assignment to create some nail art based on it.

My first step was to paint all my nails green. I used Paper Chasing from China Glaze.


The perfect kelly green- Paper Chasing from China Glaze. Be warned, though- this stuff will stain your nails a shade that Elphaba would find normal!

For more impact and sparkle, I used Emerald City holographic glitter from Dimension Nails over the polish. To apply it, I painted a coat of Paper Chasing over a nail, dipped it into the pot of glitter while the polish was still wet, then used a fan brush to sweep away the excess. This process was repeated for each nail.


Welcome to the Emerald Isle!

I needed to form an accent nail for my unicorn, so I removed the polish from my ring finger and applied 2 coats of Dandy Lyin’ Around from China Glaze. This polish is a shimmery white with silver microglitter in it to make my unicorn more magical.


Using my student’s headband as a guide, I first painted the flowers in the center of my nail using a blend of Grass Green, White, Black, and Dark Grey acrylic paints from craft smart. The eyes and lashes came next as well as the outlines for the horn and ears.



I colored in the horn with Little Butterfly from Cupcake Polish to match the color of the headband, and the stripes on the horn were painted with a blend of black and green acrylic paints. The ears were filled in with a blend of a top coat from nails inc. combined with the green glitter and then further defined with an outline of white acrylic paint.

I ended up using 2 coats of Clavuz gel top coat over the glittery nails and a generous layer of Seche Vite top coat over the unicorn to seal in everything.


My student and her mom gave me an A+ for my homework. 🙂

Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day! Happy polishing!

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