Dreamweaver New Age Manicure

Sorry for disappearing like the night, but this time of year is always busy for me, mainly because it’s tax season, and guess who procrastinated again… In any case, here’s a lovely manicure that must have cast its spell on me because I’ve been super tired as of late!

For this new age-y dreamweaver manicure, I started by painting my nails with black gel polish in color 007 Blackpool from Aimeili. I applied and cured 2 coats at 60 seconds a coat in a 36W UV/LED lamp for a perfect manicure.


2 coats of Aimeili gel polish in color 007 Blackpool.

To add a magical effect, I next applied a holographic topper from Born Pretty in color BP-BD02 La Vierge de Fer. One coat transformed the black polish into a beautiful galaxy.


It’s amazing how quickly your nails can be transformed with a holographic top coat!

This manicure utilized a plate from Maniology’s exclusive collection of Mani x Me plates. You can only obtain them by subscribing to their monthly box service, and it’s a lot of fun to see the different themes every month! Interested in a trying out a subscription? Use code FINEPOLISH10 to save $5 off a subscription or 10% off regular priced items on their website.


The MXM002 plate from Maniology was exclusive to the February Mani x Me box.

I used Maniology’s B250 Snowdrift stamping polish (a light rose gold color) to transfer various images from the plate onto my nails. It looks a little random, but boy do those images stamp perfectly!


Because a wolf was featured on this plate, I couldn’t resist adding it to my thumb because it was the perfect size for it. Who else is rooting for House Stark in Game of Thrones?


Overall this was an easy manicure to create, and I love its spacey vibe.


Now it’s time to finish doing my taxes. Happy polishing!

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