Vanishing Tax Day Nails

April always gives me anxiety because taxes are due on April 15 in the US. When I painted this manicure, I hadn’t finished filing yet. I wished the forms would just disappear, so I created this vanishing manicure with the help of a thermal top coat.

I don’t have an exact match for the blue color of the 1040 tax form, but Julep’s Matilda was a close enough option. I painted 2 coats of this pretty sky blue creme polish on all of my nails.


Because I needed to do my nails fast so I could actually finish my taxes, I opted to use the Born Pretty BP-L064 plate to do some stamping.


The BP-L064 plate from Born Pretty is the perfect tool for back to school manicures.

Using Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black, I stamped numbers from the tree in the center of the plate across all my nails except for my ring finger where I opted to use the books from the first image in the middle row.


Simply mathematical!


Notice how far I got with doing my federal taxes in the background (basically nowhere).

To add a whimsical disappearing element to this manicure, I applied a layer of Born Pretty Holo Thermal Top Coat. This interesting product is black when cold and turns into a milky transparent color when warm and allows you to turn any of your manicures into a thermal one.


It’s a fun way to make a manicure disappear and reappear!


Please note that it’s a little warm in my apartment right now (must be me sweating over getting everything done in time), so the cold temperature swatch at the top is not as black as it truly can get. It just shows how reactive the thermal element is in the top coat.

Watch the video below to see the thermal polish in action!

I can safely report that my taxes are paid and filed right now, so I’ll be good until next year! Now I can finally get back to painting my nails.

Happy polishing!

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