Cherry Blossom Nails

I love seeing all the flowering trees in the spring! NY has only started seeing cherry blossoms come out because of our crazy long winter this year, so this manicure was inspired by their beauty.

I started by painting my nails with Born Pretty’s BP-GT05 Cerulean Stars glitter thermal polish. I applied 3 coats to try to get more opacity in the color as it is a pretty pale sky blue when cold and more glittery and clear when warm, but it’s still a very sheer shade.


For the cherry blossoms, I used the image from the upper right hand corner of the Born Pretty Chinese Style L005 plate.


I transferred parts of the image with brown stamping polish #15 from Born Pretty, then filled in the flowers with Intergalactic from Formula X for Sephora to make decals. I did this on several stampers to save time, then applied the images to the tips of my nails to create a modified French manicure.


2 shades of the same manicure: the top picture shows it in cold temperature while the bottom picture reflects a warmer temperature.

I tried to keep the branches running across my smile lines to maintain that French tip look.


I think it’s a very lovely and elegant looking manicure, and it’s perfect for the season. Happy polishing!

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