Easter Bunny Manicure

I know I’m posting this tutorial a little late, but at least it will be a reference for future Easters to come! After seeing the Easter bunny around town a few times, I decided to make some Easter bunny nails that didn’t look as creepy as the ones that I saw! Seriously, some of those bunnies are terrifying!

To start, I painted 3 coats of LV010 from Ünt. This company is best known for their legendary peel off base coat, a product that I use in combination with a lot of my gel manicures to make them easy to remove seeing as I change my polish quite often, but they also have a full range of colors and cosmetics. This beautiful light pink polish dried with a vinyl finish, but it also took forever to set and was streaky for the first 2 coats. If you have a lot of free time to do nothing, this is a good polish, but it definitely does not dry in a New York minute. It was disappointing considering how well loved their Ready for Takeoff base coat is.


This beautiful swatch of LV010 from Unt needed a lot of time to dry, and it still wasn’t fully set when I started doing the rest of the nail art. Oops.

I used some outside help for the bunny with the now discontinued BM-H10 plate from Maniology (use code FINEPOLISH10 to save 10% off your order). I transferred the bottom portion of the image on the far left with white Ya Qin An stamping polish to my ring finger, taking care to isolate the bunny on the stamper by lifting away the extra parts of the design with Scotch tape.


I ended up hand painting the eyes and the rabbit hole with craft smart acrylic paint in black and a fine brush. I then used a dotting tool to place shimmery multi-colored polka dots across the rest of my nails using yellow (Sunny from Julep), light green (Tatum from Julep), and purple (Purple Yourself Together from Nicole by OPI) polishes.



Down the rabbit hole! This would be a cute idea for an Alice in Wonderland theme as well.

The bunny is the cutest little guy, and the polka dots resemble Easter eggs.


Hope you enjoyed this manicure and had a wonderful holiday! Happy polishing!

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