Tropical Spring Break Nails

Everyone was going away for spring break recently, which was the inspiration for this manicure. I have one student who adores flamingos and had a “flamingo experience” where she got to interact with them in person while she was in Florida, which sounded amazing! These nails are dedicated to her.

I chose a rosy salmon pink as the base color for this design. This was achieved with 3 thin layers of Belen gel polish in color NU016. Each coat was cured for 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp.


The cute tropical pattern comes from the 3rd image from the right in the bottom row of the Beauty Big Bang BBBXL-001 plate.


I used a double stamping technique to avoid having to color in any specific details. I started by stamping the image on my middle and index fingers with black stamping polish from Beauty Big Bang and then stamped over it again with gold stamping polish from Ya Qin An. A layer of matte gel top coat from Born Pretty was applied and cured for 60 seconds, and I finished off the look by applying gold oval studs to my pinky and index fingers with nail glue from Born Pretty.



Now if only the weather in NY would brighten up to match the vibes of my manicure!

Happy polishing!

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