Review of Mefa 12 Color Gel Polish Set

Who can say no to a good box set? I’m a sucker for buying collections of items, so it’s no shocker that I end up with so many nail polishes. They’re just so small and colorful! Today we’re looking at a 12 bottle set of gel polishes from Mefa. They are super affordable and come in a cute box set that is perfect for gift giving.


The back of the package lists the ingredients and warnings. As with all gel polishes, you should test a little bit of the formula on your skin for a few minutes to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to it prior to curing it on your nails.


A big selling point for Mefa is the fact that their bottles are small yet hold a lot of polish. Each bottle supposedly holds 8 mL inside (most gel polishes come in 10 mL bottles), but it looks like it could be a sample size. The company achieves this by making their bottles out of plastic, which is much thinner than glass and will not shatter. The weight of the item is lower as a result, and the packaging is more compact, so it keeps the shipping costs low for the company.


Although the brush size is normal, the downside to having a plastic bottle is that it can be tipped over very easily if you are accident prone! I unfortunately learned this the hard way when I was doing my swatches.


The identifying labels are on the backside of the bottles.

The bottles look very cute and are labeled with very nondescript names. This set comes with the following polishes: Me003 (light pink), Me008 (light rose pink), Me011 (coral pink), Me013 (light beige pink), Me022 (mauve berry pink), Me043 (pale gray), Me045 (lavender), Me047 (light gray), Me050 (beige), Me056 (medium gray), Me057 (dark purple gray), and Me093 (sheer gold iridescent glitter). Mefa was nice enough to include blank swatch stickers with their set, but you still need to do the hard work yourself.


Top row, left to right: Me003, Me008, Me011, Me013, Me022, Me043. Bottom row, left to right: Me045, Me047, Me050, Me056, Me057, Me093. You must make the swatches yourself, otherwise you will have a hard time identifying what colors are included in this set.

Other leaflets are inside the box to give more information about the company’s products.


Basic instructions are listed on the backside of this sheet as well as a comparison of Mefa’s bottle size against other sizes.


A more in depth instruction leaflet is also included. I scanned the English version below, but translations in German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian are also printed on this insert.


Now to see the product in use! I tried Me047 first. Each layer cured in 60 seconds in my 48W UV/LED lamp, leaving behind a slightly tacky layer. This is good because it gives the next coat something to adhere to. In terms of the formula, it applied a little streaky, and I needed to apply 3 coats to get somewhat even color coverage. It has the potential to get a little runny prior to curing once the polish warms up on your nails, but it’s not impossible to deal with. Heating up the bottle in your hands or in a pocket prior to painting helps a lot with this issue.


Me047 (light gray) from Mefa needed 3 coats to get a more even color across my nails.

In order to get the most use out of this set right away, I did some drag marble nails with a few of the colors. I swirled Me057 and Me045 together and applied a layer of Me093 over everything for some shimmer.


This was my first time doing any sort of drag marble on my nails!

I also tried Me003. This polish behaved the same as it did with Me047, and I needed 3 coats to get an even tone. It’s unfortunate that the color reads more as streaky rather than sheer when you apply 1 or 2 coats.



I love the baby pink color of Me003, but it looks a little streaky prior to applying top coat.

I used this color as the background for a cat nail art design. I didn’t do the stamping with this gel but used regular nail polish on top of it along with a matte gel top coat.


The mattified version of Me003 looks very velvety.

The manicure done with this polish lasted as long as any gel manicure normally does. I kept it on one hand for a few weeks and did not have any chips or peeling, and it removed the same way as any of the other gels that I’ve tried with some soak off caps and acetone.

Overall, I really liked this set. It works effectively, and the plastic bottle design is clever to pack more polish into a smaller container, although you need to be extremely careful not to tip it over by accident. You get a ton of colors for a really low price per bottle. The only thing I wish could be improved is the streakiness of the color when it is applied. 3 coats will still provide good results, especially once top coat is applied, but I think it’s only fair that I deduct half a diamond from the rating here so as not to put it in the same league as the polishes that I truly love.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ (4.5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this gel polish set (retail price is $22.99 USD), the link for the item is below. Happy polishing!

*Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

2 thoughts on “Review of Mefa 12 Color Gel Polish Set

  1. Liz Price says:

    Hi! I’m having trouble removing MEFA with the usually acetone soak off. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks for a great review!


    • finepolish says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment! Sorry, I’m just seeing this now. I’m usually able to soak off gel polishes without a problem. I suggest trying to file off as much of the polish as possible (not just the top coat) before soaking so that it takes less time. It’s also much easier to use those silicone caps with cotton soaked in pure acetone covering just the nail area. Hope that helps!


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