Shattered Mirror Nails

Not too long ago, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen for the first time ever! It’s limited to only 2 corners, so it doesn’t really get in the way, but for a perfectionist like me, it’s annoying! I’m due for a new phone upgrade anyway, so maybe it’s a sign… In any case, it inspired the creation of this shattered mirror nail art.

I began by painting all my nails with black gel polish. Because I knew I was going to apply chrome powder over my base, I didn’t mind using one of my lower quality gel polishes to do the job. This black gel polish in color 01 from Born Pretty’s Solid Color Series was the very first gel polish I owned and was part of their silver chrome starter kit. My, how far we’ve come since then! Now I know not to wipe off the tacky layer between coats of color and to use a good gel base coat with it! This shade still left much to be desired in terms of coverage as 2 thin coats still wasn’t very opaque, but like I said, I wasn’t picky about it because I knew I was topping it with a chrome powder.


Each coat cured for 60 seconds in a 48W UV/LED lamp.

I then applied and cured a coat of Clavuz No Wipe Top Coat prior to applying a silver chrome powder from IMethod Beauty over it with a sponge applicator. The results are super shiny and reflective, and you can’t tell that the black polish underneath it had uneven coverage.


Another layer of Clavuz No Wipe Top Coat was applied over the powder to seal it into place.

The shattered effect was achieved with the 2nd image from the left on the bottom row of the BBBXL-004 plate from Beauty Big Bang. Use code CHRISS to save 10% off your order there!


Patterns abound on the BBBXL-004 plate from Beauty Big Bang.

I used Ya Qin An stamping nail polish in Black to transfer the design haphazardly to my nails. Perfection is definitely not a necessity when it comes to creating a shattered effect!


One last coat of gel top coat finished off the design.



Hopefully these nails don’t bring bad luck with them! Happy polishing!

2 thoughts on “Shattered Mirror Nails

  1. Miss J says:

    This shattered nail looks fantastic, well done. I guess that your stamping polish was uv polish also and another trip under the lamp was needed? Thanks , J


    • finepolish says:

      Thanks so much! I don’t own any gel stamping polishes, so I always stamp with regular polish. It dries so quickly anyway that I never saw a benefit to investing in a whole new collection of colors. It’s probably better to not have the extra lamp exposure, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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