Mermaid Nails

Summer is pretty much right around the corner at this point, and the temperatures have definitely been rising in the city! It’s been making me crave a beach day, or at least some mermaid nails!

I started by painting my nails with a black soak off gel polish from Born Pretty. I applied and cured 2 coats of color and followed it up with a layer of Clavuz no wipe gel top coat. Each layer was cured for 60 seconds in a 48W UV/LED lamp, and then a blend of teal and green chrome powders from iMethod Beauty was applied with a sponge applicator and sealed in with another layer of gel top coat.


I applied teal chrome powder to the tips of my nails and green chrome powder to the rest of the area in order to create this gradient effect.

I focused on using the 2 patterns from the top right corner of the BBBXL-002 plate from Beauty Big Bang for this manicure. The fish scale design was stamped across all my nails with a chameleon pearl stamping polish from Born Pretty in color BP-U01 Leo.


Summery manicures are easy with the BBBXL-002 plate from Beauty Big Bang! Use code CHRISS to save 10% off your order on their website.

Because the images on this plate are so large, I had to shrink down the image of the mermaid so that it would fit on my nail. I stamped the mermaid with gold polish from Ya Qin An with one stamper, stretched out a separate marshmallow stamper head over a nail polish bottle, then stamped the design onto the stretched surface before letting it go to make the image smaller. To control the placement of the mermaid on my nail, I applied a layer of clear polish over the design to turn it into a decal, allowed it to dry, and then placed it where I wanted it to be on my ring finger. More top coat was applied to seal everything into place.



I love how the chrome gradient combined with the bronze stamping polish create a convincing looking mermaid’s tail. It could probably pass for dragon scale without the mermaid if you wish!

Hope you’re having a great week! Happy polishing!

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