Review of Born Pretty Chameleon Pearl Stamping Polish Set

If you’ve ever ordered from Born Pretty, you know how long it can take to receive an order. It’s not unheard of to receive items in the mail that you totally forgot you bought because over a month has passed! But with Born Pretty’s US Warehouse, one can receive their order within a week, which is a pleasant surprise! They tend to have sets of items rather than listing each item individually, but the prices are still reasonable with the shipping still being free. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving everything in the set anyway!

This review focuses on their 6 piece chameleon pearl stamping polish set. Each box is wrapped in cellophane (not sure if this is a permanent change across the brand or if this is exclusive to US Warehouse products) so you know the item hasn’t been tampered with. Other than that, the packaging is identical to the polishes from the regular Born Pretty website. The cellophane is a little bit of a pain to remove as it seems to adhere to the box slightly during the sealing process, and there is no pull tab to help with tearing it off. I had to use scissors to make an incision to be able to get a hold of the wrapping. This kind of seal seems wasteful to me, but I guess the US is known for creating a lot of garbage.


A pretty assortment of colors is offered in this set of chameleon pearl polishes.

Each box is labeled with the item number and the name of the color on one side.


The reverse side of the carton lists the ingredients.


Disclaimer: the ingredients are always the same on every bottle of Born Pretty nail polish.

Born Pretty stamping polishes in this bottle style are easily identified by their white handle. The attached brush is medium sized and supple. I think it handles the polish very well, and it’s nice to see that they didn’t shrink the brush size when they created their mini 6 mL bottle capacity (normal drugstore polishes have anywhere from 12-15 mL in a bottle). I still wish they made a larger size bottle, but the 6 mL version keeps the polish fresh and lasts for more manicures than I’ve ever created. No mixing ball is included inside, but I’ve never had a problem with formula separation with these polishes.


From left to right: BP-U01 Leo, BP-U03 Pink Planet, BP-U04 Moonlit, BP-U06 The Milky Way, BP-U07 Sunset Beach, and BP-U08 Purple Sky.

This stamping polish can also double as regular nail polish, so I made sure to swatch what one coat looks like for each color as well as how it stamps over a white (Laguna Moon CL361 gel) and a black polish (Laguna Moon CL117 gel).

BP-U01 Leo


This shade resembles gold antiques due to its dark brown and bronze undertones. It stamps beautifully over dark colors. The swatch over the white seems patchy due to how the metallic pigments reflect light (you will also notice this throughout the other photos), but you can see from the solid color swatches that this polish is opaque.

I also used this polish for a mermaid manicure where it provided a beautiful metallic shift that complemented the chrome background perfectly.



BP-U03 Pink Planet


This pearly blush copper shade is also highly pigmented. It reads more pink in real life, although I suspect that it looks more beige in the photos due to its two tone effect.



BP-U04 Moonlit


This metallic teal has warm undertones. It also stamps beautifully, although you will probably want to use two coats for a solid color manicure.



BP-U06 The Milky Way


The next three colors definitely feel less pigmented compared to the previous three that we saw. This rosy brown shade contains blue iridescent particles that don’t show up too well, although it makes for some super pretty effects over black polish when the light catches it the right way. The stamping over the white polish doesn’t look as patchy in person, but it’s definitely not as pronounced as any of the previous three colors.



BP-U07 Sunset Beach


This shade is supposed to be medium berry pink with bronze orange undertones, although the orange side definitely showed up more in the photos. Again, the stamping isn’t quite as visible as the first three colors of the set although you can see that the solid colors are pretty opaque.



BP-U08 Purple Sky


This grape color can be read as a shade of pink, but it definitely has iridescent blue/purple pigment mixed in to help give it its shift. Again, the stamping is on the subtle side but is truly stunning over the black polish.



Overall, these polishes are a wonderful addition to any collection. They end up being just $3 a bottle when you do the math, and even if you don’t always like how they behave as stamping polishes, they make for great metallic manicures. The only downside is that when used as a regular polish, they tend not to dry as quickly although the surface feels set, but I find that to be a problem with a lot of metallic polishes. In any case, I’m totally satisfied with how these polishes performed and look forward to using them in many manicures to come!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this polish set (retail price is $17.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below. Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Happy polishing!

10% off Born Pretty coupon code: RSSPX31

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