Thermal Forest Landscape Nail Art

Awhile back, I tried out a holographic thermal top coat on my tax day nails and wasn’t so satisfied with the results. I vowed to try the top coat out with a different design that would really showcase its gorgeousness, so here I am presenting some thermal top coat nails, take two!

Because I knew that the thermal top coat had a slightly grayish undertone to it even when warm, I decided to pick a polish color that belonged to the same spectrum. Pictured here is 3 coats of The Color to Watch from OPI. It’s beautifully shimmery and has a slight pink-lavender shift.


Fun fact: this was one of the first bottles of OPI polish that I ever bought!

Knowing that my thermal top coat would make this color darker, I decided to make a forest landscape scene across my nails to mimic the look of dusk turning into evening. To accomplish this, I used the Harunouta-L072 plate.


The Harunouta-L072 plate has images of trees and nature. It makes me feel calm just looking at it.

The images for this manicure were mostly taken from the middle image on the right side of the plate, although I did use a few of the single tree designs and one barren tree from the bottom right side panorama. The stamping was done with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black.


I used a no smudge top coat from Born Pretty to seal in the stamping before applying a super thin layer of the thermal top coat over the design.


Because the layer of thermal top coat was so thin, it didn’t distort the polish color too much, and it didn’t create a blackout effect when the temperature was cold. It instead deepened the color of the polish while allowing the nail art to show through.


Color transition from warm (top) to cold (bottom).

The holographic glitter in the top coat creates a starry/snowy effect over the design, adding to its magical feel.

Happy polishing!

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