Floral Vine Nails

We’ve been having such lovely weather lately where it truly feels like spring outside. I wanted my nails to match the season before it becomes insufferably muggy, so I created this pretty floral design.

To start, I applied 2 coats of Shell Me the Truth from Nicole by OPI. This pretty shade has a duochrome like effect where it appears either lilac pink or golden light pink depending on how the light hits it.


The nail art was created with the Nicole Diary-092 plate.


I used the image from the top left corner as a French tip design across my middle and index finger nails, and I used the design from the top middle of the plate on my other nails to create a creeping vine. These leaf images were stamped with a light green pastel stamping polish called Ducky (B280) from Maniology (use code FINEPOLISH10 to save 10% off your order). It’s super opaque and shows up really well against the pink background.

Flowers were added randomly to the vines with pink stamping polish (BP-WT06 Cherry Blossoms from Born Pretty) and the image on the far right of the middle row of the plate. These flowers add a delicate feeling to the manicure.


Macro shot of my thumb. I can’t get over how pretty this looks!



This manicure looks almost straight out of a fairy tale and is fit for a princess.


Happy polishing!

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