Neon Rainbow Pride Nails

It’s June, and pretty much the entire month is associated with Pride celebrations. I was playing with drag diva pianist Jacqueline Jonée for her shows, so I wanted to do a set of rainbow nails to complement her “50 Shades of Jonée” theme. I’ve been itching to try out my neon powders with stamping, so keep reading to see how this was achieved!

I started by painting all my nails black with Black Lace, a color from Sephora’s ancient “5 day shine” series of nail lacquers. This polish was part of a set that was gifted to me for my birthday 9 years ago, and it still works great!


2 coat swatch of Black Lace from the Sephora 5 day shine collection.

For a fun pattern, I chose a dotticure design from the Nicole Diary-095 plate.


This manicure uses the image at the 3 o’clock position of the plate.

The neon phosphor powder pigments used here come from Born Pretty. They’re very affordable and are blacklight reactive, which makes them extra fun! I used colors 3 (neon orange), 6 (neon pink), 8 (electric blue), 9 (neon green), and 11 (neon yellow). Starting in rainbow order, I applied 2 colors to a stamper with an eyeshadow stick, overlapping them slightly in the middle to create a gradient.


With my stamper prepped, I applied white stamping polish from Ya Qin An to the plate, scraped off the excess, and used my pigment coated stamper to pick up the image. When the design gets stamped, the excess powder does not transfer, and the pigment adheres to the stamping polish!


I repeated this process with different shade combinations across all my nails in rainbow order.

The only downside is that despite using a clear stamper, it’s hard to get your design placed exactly perfectly because the stamper head is obscured by the neon pigment. Also cleaning up all that pigment from the stamper is a somewhat messy job. The powder is so fine that it gets all over the place!

I used a 2 in 1 base and top coat (NJ002) from Née Jolie to finish off this design. It’s a water based formula so it doesn’t smudge the stamping.


And of course, the coolest part is that it really pops under a blacklight!



Happy polishing, and Happy Pride!

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