Morbid Nail Art

You guys must think that I must be going through something based on the nail art that I’ve been putting out lately! This morbid manicure is the product of a plate I was sent for review and has nothing to do with what’s going on in my personal life, thankfully! But what I find interesting is how many different ways you can interpret the images on my nails, whether positive or negative. Such is the power of art!

I began by painting my nails a shimmery dark blue/purple shade that was a prototype from Elusive Fox Lacquer. This one of a kind polish has a rather long dry time even for just 2 coats of polish, but the formulas put out by this indie brand are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I ran into a lot of problems with my orders from them, so I don’t buy from them anymore, but there’s no denying the beauty of their polishes!


This prototype from Elusive Fox Lacquer is a one of a kind shade marked with 57 on the bottle.

I used the Artist-L005 plate from Born Pretty for this manicure. The images on this plate look artsy, and there are a lot of depressing options here, but they all stamp really well.


If you’re going through a rough patch, you might find that some of the designs really speak to you.

I used Ya Qin An stamping polish in White for all of the stamping. To color in in human figure, the arms, and the heart, I applied the polish (Give Peach a Chance from Sephora by OPI for the flesh tone and Dark Armor from Born Pretty for the red) to the image while it was still on the stamper and allowed the polish to dry before stamping the finished decal onto my nail.


A layer of BK Super Matte top coat was applied to flatten out the finish. I didn’t think that the subject matter should be glossy.


The background color looks very celestial, which I think is appropriate for this manicure. How would you interpret this design? I have my own notions, especially considering how much new age material I’ve been reading of late, but I know there will be lots of different opinions.

Happy polishing!

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