Flowering Tree Nail Art

I know flowering trees are mostly a spring thing, but there was one that was in bloom in my neighborhood that left its remnants all over my parked car the other day! Here is some nail art featuring this allergy inducing arbor.

I wanted to have a sky blue background, so I chose a nice color from Wet n Wild that I thought would fit the bill. There was no identifying label for the shade on the bottle, but it came from a 10 piece set called Pretty & Posh that was purchased at Five Below. Wet n Wild is known for its affordable cosmetics, and while the polish is dirt cheap, it did take 3 coats to get it opaque. It does dry quickly, so that is a huge plus!


It’s not the most smooth finish, but it does the job! Top coat will help to even out the color.

The trees come from a layering plate from Harunouta that really allows you to customize the colors of your design without having to worry about painting anything by hand. All you need are several different stamping polishes, and you’re good to go!


The Harunouta-L071 plate is inspired by nature and has designs that are meant to be layered over each other.

I first used brown stamping polish from Beauty Big Bang (use code CHRISS to save 10% off your order there) in color J6415TM-4A to stamp various tree branches on my nails. I used the same company’s green stamping polish in color J6415TM-3A with different leaf patterns, but mainly the one from the lower left hand corner of the plate, to adorn the branches. The flowers were done with white stamping polish from Ya Qin An. I used a mix of the leaf pattern from the upper right hand corner and parts of the image from the 2nd row from the top, 3rd from the left and was very pleased with the effect. It truly shows how interchangeable the designs on the plate are!


I applied my new favorite water based stamping top coat from Née Jolie in NJ-002 over everything to ensure that nothing smudged.


Overall this was a simple design to do although it looks like it’s complicated! Are you more of a layering plate fan or a reverse stamping kind of person? Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!

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