Constellation Manicure

This month has been all about the stars, and I’m not talking about the Hollywood kind. It being the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon, Mercury being in retrograde pretty much for the whole month, to the recent obsession with Area 51, it’s hard to not be thinking about outer space lately! Here’s an easy nail art design you can put together to join in the madness.

My first step was to paint my nails with this cool glittery black jelly polish from Julep called Celeste. I needed to apply 3 coats to get good coverage as jelly polishes can be pretty sheer. I love the iridescent glitter combination that they used because it sparkles and really looks like a built in galaxy.


The next step was to add some constellations to the gorgeous background. I used the Harunouta-L081 plate from Born Pretty and yellow stamping polish from Beauty Big Bang to put together a design.


The Harunouta-L081 plate features constellations, stars, astrological signs, and crystals to satisfy all your new age interests.

I’m no astronomer, so I don’t know how accurate the company was with their constellations, but I think they look pretty good!


I used my favorite no smudge top coat from Née Jolie in NJ002 to make sure the stars didn’t become streaky.


Now to just get through the rest of this Mercury retrograde period! Happy polishing!

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