Unicorn Mermaid Nails

I’ve been holding off on using gel polishes after a bad skin reaction to the curing lamp a few months ago. I was really scared that my nails might fall off because my nail bed started peeling back, and the skin around the nails was itchy and getting hard before peeling off! Truly a nightmare. I’m a little wary about overdoing it with the lamp now (what, you’re not supposed to do gel manicures more than once in a day?), so I purchased some fake nails and decided to go about my swatches in this manner instead. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up doing sets for people now that I have all these fake nails!

In any case, I was super excited to use some holographic powder to create a fun and whimsical unicorn mermaid manicure, so as per the usual steps, I applied gel base coat from iMethod Beauty, cured that for 60 seconds, then applied and cured 2 coats of black gel polish. The color was 007 Blackpool from Aimeili, and it’s a trustworthy but affordable gel polish that provides the perfect base for chrome and holo powders.


Disclaimer: this is an old swatch on my actual nails because I was too lazy to take a new photo of a polish that I already swatched.

I then applied a layer of no wipe top coat from iMethod Beauty and cured it for 60 seconds before burnishing in their holographic powder with a sponge applicator. After all the black polish was covered by holo, I swept away the excess powder with a brush and applied another layer of gel top coat.


With a dazzling effect like this, who can say they don’t like holo?

Because I equate holographic effects with magic, I picked this whimsical plate from Born Pretty to use with it. It’s the Sweet Dream-A001 plate, and I love all the designs on it!


I picked my ring finger to be my accent nail, so the design on it is a little different compared to all the other ones. I used the star and bubble design in the lower right hand corner of the plate with black polish from Ya Qin An to cover the entire nail, then stamped the same image again with BP-U03 Pink Planet from Born Pretty for a lighter effect.

I made a decal out of the unicorn mermaid in the top center part of the plate on a stamper where I picked up the image with black polish and filled in the outline with Ya Qin An polishes in White and Gold and Born Pretty polishes in BP-U04 Moonlit (teal) and BP-WT06 Cherry Blossoms (pink). After the decal was fully dry, I stamped this directly onto my nail.


I double stamped the image from the top right hand corner of the plate across the rest of my nails using the same black and pearl pink polishes from before and finished off the design with another layer of gel top coat.


That mermicorn (is that the right word for it?) is certainly adorable!


This manicure is totally summery and shines super bright in the sunlight.

Happy polishing!

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