Inspired by a Color: Peach Floral Nails

When it’s August, I desperately want to go peach picking at my favorite orchard in New Jersey because their peaches are out of this world! I’ve truly never had peaches or nectarines from anywhere else that can compare to the ones that you find there, so I hunger for them all year until peach picking season comes back around.

The fruit was the color inspiration for this manicure, so I started by painting all my nails with 3 coats of ‘N Cream from Pretty & Polished. This indie brand is no longer in business, but boy did they make beautiful crelly polishes when they were online! This one is a milky white with peach glitters suspended throughout the mix.


Crelly (cream/jelly) polishes are pretty sheer by definition, so it took 3 coats to get the white base to become opaque.

Assistance came in the form of the Nicole Diary-L01 plate. This plate is meant for layered stamping designs, although I find it hard to use a full image because the elements are hard to line up perfectly.


This design primarily uses the 2nd row of images, although I used some of the leaves from the top row as accents.

I colored my flower petals with peach polish (B284 Flashdance from Maniology), the leaves mint green with B280 Ducky, also from Maniology (use code FINEPOLISH10 to save 10% off your order there), and outlined the parts with Ya Qin An polish in Black. I used the layered stamping technique for my index and pinky fingers, but I chose to reverse stamp the full image for my other nails because it was ridiculously hard to get the leaves and outlines in the right spots after the flower blossoms were placed. To do this, I stamped the outline in black polish, then colored in the image while it was on the stamper prior to transferring it to my nail. Working with multiple stampers helps to speed up the process.


One downside to reverse stamping is that sometimes the outline will smudge when another color is painted over it. However, I still found this preferable to having a slightly mismatched outline due to the layering not matching up correctly.


These peach colored flowers are perfectly summery, and the glitter in the crelly almost resembles petals falling in the distance. Now to get me some peaches!

Happy polishing!

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