Magical Butterfly Manicure

There’s something so fun about neon colors! They’re just so bright and happy, so I made a summery take on a butterfly and flower design simply by making the background a bright neon pink.

I chose Aimeili’s 057 Neon Very Berry to be the base color. This gel is a little sheer, so 3 coats really makes the color pop. Each coat cured in 1 minute in a UV/LED lamp.


Assorted designs from the Born Pretty Spring Garden-L009 plate (use code RSX10 to save 10% off your order at Born Pretty) were used for this manicure in conjunction with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black. You will be able to recognize some of the butterflies and flowers from the top left corner of the plate along with the image from the bottom right corner, which was divided at a diagonal angle and split so that one portion was on my pinky and the other portion was on my index finger.


To make the scene look as if it were sprinkled with fairy dust, I applied a layer of Halo TC, a holo topper from Pretty & Polished, over all my nails. It gave the manicure a subtle magical shimmer.



Until later! Happy polishing!

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