Review of Aimeili Gel Base and Top Coat Set

Lately I’ve been getting into gel polish. It’s rather ironic because I never thought I would, knowing how often I change my nails, but I’ve gotten into the habit of applying gel polish to my right hand (my Cindy hand) to protect my nails from getting beat up from using acetone so much. Between needing to remove polish on my hands and toes on a regular basis, Cindy also touches acetone while cleaning stamping plates and generally gets abused at work and while doing household chores. It made sense for me to apply gel polish, which generally doesn’t get affected by acetone when exposed for short periods of time, at least to that hand so that I didn’t have to worry about my nails becoming increasingly brittle over time.

It has been said that gel polishes work best when you use them with the base and top coat made by the same company, so I used a set by Aimeili along with one of their gel colors (110 Prunus Persica) for this review.


This gel base and top coat set from Aimeili is packaged in a cute box and comes with an instruction sheet inside.

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Review of Aimeili Gel Polish #110 Prunus Persica

Today’s review pertains to a gel polish from Aimeili, #110 Prunus Persica. This color is a beautiful lavender tinted pink that is very classy and a great neutral color for those working in more reserved fields.

You can order this polish from Amazon or from the Aimeili website for only $6.99 USD, so it is definitely an affordable gel polish. It comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box as shown below, and an instruction sheet detailing how to prepare your nails and how to use the polish is tucked inside.


Aimeili Gel Polish 110 comes in a 10 mL bottle, which is the average size for gel polishes.

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“Ugly” Winter Sweater Nail Art

Here’s a somewhat simple winter mani you can try. I’m filing this one under “medium” difficulty only because stamping straight lines is a little bit of a nightmare, so we’re going to cheat and use gel polish as a base.

I started out by using Aimeili Gel Polish in #110 Prunus Persica. This is a somewhat lavender toned dusky rose color, and it’s a little on the sheer side. I applied 3 layers, each cured for one minute in a UV/LED lamp.


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