Animal Print Fourth of July Nails

Happy Independence Day, America!

Everyone is probably putting stars and stripes on their nails today, so I wanted to do a different interpretation of the American flag.  The first thing that occurred to me when I thought of stripes was zebra print.  So why not do an animal print interpretation of the flag?  Put some leopard spots instead of stars.  It’s like a cross between Betsey Johnson and Betsy Ross!


My polishes from left to right: Curve-aceous by Sephora by OPI, Dandy Lyin’ Around by China Glaze, Splish Splash by China Glaze, Up All Night by China Glaze, and Silver Glitter by Kleancolor. All these polishes have shimmery finishes.


I painted 2 nails blue and 3 nails red (the third was my thumb).


Using a dotting tool, I applied Dandy Lyin’ Around to the blue section haphazardly to start the leopard print pattern. I used a striping brush and craft smart acrylic paint in white to paint the zebra stripes.


I used a smaller dotting tool to apply dark blue polish around the white dots and filled in empty spaces with a few more dots of Up All Night. I used a dotting tool to also go over the solo blue dots with Silver Glitter.


After applying top coat, the design is finished.

I admit, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that this design is symbolic of the flag, but it’s kind of cool anyway.  Perhaps if I made sure that there were 13 red and white stripes in total, this would have been more convincing, but I took some artistic license.

Now go enjoy your barbecues!  Happy polishing!

Arabesque Nail Art

My fiancé is also a musician, and he recently sent me a link to a Ibanez JEM series guitar designed by Steve Vai.  Even though I don’t play the guitar, I really want it!

I imagined posing with my nails on the neck of the guitar and decided that some nail art was in order.


Tools of the trade: craft smart Acrylic Paint in White, Too Too Turq by Sephora by OPI, and Evolve by Divergent.

I started with a turquoise base.  I wish I had the sea foam green color of the JEM, but it’s hard to believe that I don’t own a polish that is exactly that shade.


Too Too Turq by Sephora by OPI, a part of the collection from their collaboration with Betsey Johnson.

I drew in some lines with the acrylic paint and a nail art pen (look for a review coming soon here), but a striping brush works just as well.


The beginning of the vines.

I added little flourishes off the vines to represent leaves.  Artistic license is your friend here.


This much of the design looks a little like bamboo.

To fill in the empty spaces, I added dots of varying sizes with a dotting tool.


Feel free to doodle as you please and let your creativity flow.

For a little extra shimmer, I added the Evolve top coat by Divergent.  Yes, the nail polish is affiliated with the movie of the same title.


Turquoise and white arabesque fantasy.

While I most likely will never own the guitar, I can at least enjoy the color scheme and a design that is loosely based on it.  What are you inspired by?  Let me know!

Happy polishing!