Sailboat French Manicure

Seems like I’ve got beaches on the brain a lot lately! I put together a cute little sailboat manicure this week for an unconventional twist on French tips.

I didn’t want to leave my nails totally bare because they’re a little damaged right now, so I used a sheer iridescent glitter polish from Confetti called Ice Ice Baby to give my nails a bit of a twinkle. Like most iridescent things, it is hard to capture the sparkly blue green shift of the glitter under bright light and direct focus, but you can see its true color in the picture of the bottle.


Only one coat of polish was applied as a base. I wanted an ethereal look rather than strong glitter coverage.

The waves were done using a French tips plate from Born Pretty Store.


French BP-X20 plate from Born Pretty

I layered the pattern from the lower left hand corner of the plate with different shades of stamping nail polish from Born Pretty.


Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in color #7 (royal blue) was applied across the tips of each nail.

I painted a sailboat by hand using Craft Smart Acrylic Paint and a detail brush. Painting it at this stage allows for subsequently stamped waves to overlap the hull of the boat.


Painting this boat was fairly simple, but it requires patience.

After the boat was done, I stamped the same French tip pattern from before with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polishes in #284 (light blue) and #4 (white), staggering the tips of the waves so that the base color was covered. I repeated the stamping process with the same three colors until the tip was filled in completely.


Seche Vite top coat was applied on top to complete the look.


This was a cute design to put together, and I think it was a fairly creative use of the French tips plate. The layered look would work well with many different color combinations, so I’ll probably use this technique again at some point!

Happy polishing!

Glittery Snowflake Christmas Manicure

Being a musician, December is a busy time of year.  Seems like every group needs to perform a holiday concert this month, but I’ll never get sick of the music, especially seeing how happy it makes people.

One ensemble had a “Let it Snow!” theme for their concert, so I made nails to match.  I started by painting my nails a Christmas-y red with Tip Your Hat from China Glaze.


Tip Your Hat is a festive red color from China Glaze.

To really make this mani sparkle, I used a loose holographic glitter powder from Born Pretty Store on top of this.


Born Pretty Store’s holographic laser glitter powder in color #7.

To use the powder, a gel top coat is applied to the nails but cured for only about 15 seconds so that it is still tacky enough to allow the glitter to stick to it.  I used Born Pretty’s gel top coat over the China Glaze color.  The glitter is applied with the sponge applicator included with the set, and then a final layer of gel top coat is applied to seal in the glitter and bring out the shine.


The effects of the glitter powder are stunning.

To finish up, I added some stamping using plate BP-01 from Born Pretty Store.


Christmas themed plate BP-01 from Born Pretty Store.

For this design, I stamped the tree design from the center of the plate onto my ring finger, the full sized snowflake image on the far right side of the plate onto my thumb, and made up my own unique pattern using the two single snowflake images from the top of the plate for the rest of my nails.


Stamping was done with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Lacquer #4 (white).

This look was definitely eye catching, and I had people asking to see my nails all day at the concert.  It’s definitely a cheer filled design worthy of the holiday season!

Happy polishing!



Review of Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #4 (White)

One thing that I’ve realized about doing stamping is that even though you may generally love a brand’s stamping polish, not all their colors as work as effectively as others.  I’ve experienced this with white stamping polish in particular.

This lacquer from Born Pretty Store had some good reviews, so I was eager to try out this product, especially because I have been disappointed by white stamping polishes distributed by two other companies.


Bare bones packaging- a single sticker names the brand of the polish but does not list anything else.

This polish came shipped in bubble wrap, so there was no danger of it being broken in transit from Singapore.  There is no box for it, and it is labeled simply with the name of the company on the bottle.  No ingredients are listed, and my bottle also did not have a color name or number marked on it, but it is pretty obvious that it is white.  I know from the website that this is #4 in their collection.

I have other Born Pretty products that come in the same type of bottle, and they all say they contain 15 mL of fluid.  This is a good size amount and is more than what you get in a bottle of Konad Special Nail Polish (11 mL) or b.m.c. nail lacquer (13 mL).


The brush in the bottle is a standard size.

The formula is very thick, which is great for stamping.  A downside is that there is no mixing ball in the bottle, so it is a little hard to shake up the contents if they start to separate.  I haven’t had this happen with this bottle yet because I’ve been using it so often, but I have seen polish separation occur in other colors of Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish.  You can remedy this situation by purchasing mixing balls yourself and adding one or two to the bottle.

I had no problems transferring designs with this polish, and it performs beautifully under all circumstances as you can see below.


Top picture is without top coat, bottom picture is with top coat using plate BPL-005 from Born Pretty. Base coat colors from left to right: Pale is the New Tan from Sephora by OPI, Diva Into the Pool by Nicole by OPI, What’s A Tire Jack? from Sephora by OPI, and Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #4. The pinky is swatched with only one coat of polish, and it has near perfect coverage.

This white color is remarkable because not only is it visible on top of light colored polish, but it contrasts over black polish perfectly.  I’m in love!  Gone are the days of having to paint your nails white and limit yourself to stamping with dark colors.  This polish goes above and beyond when it comes to stamping.

As a regular nail color, the formula is decent and can be used as a one step nail polish.  The texture is a little uneven due to the viscosity of the polish, but it works if you are in a hurry.  The polish dries quickly no matter how you use it.


I used this polish for a purple and white mani with excellent results.


It also performed beautifully to makes stripes for this coral and white mani.

As a stamping polish, Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish blows the other competition away.  I was really impressed with the quality of this product, and the swatches speak for themselves.  You won’t be disappointed, so grab a bottle for your next stamping adventure!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping polish (retail price is $10.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!


Coral and White Striped Mani

Welcome to the hot days of summer!  One of my favorite warm weather color combos is coral and white, so I wanted to do a fun little manicure with that palette.


Polishes used from left to right: Sweet Daisy by Nicole by OPI, Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in #4 and #8, Planks A Lot from OPI, and Meet Me At the Disco by Sephora by OPI.


I began by painting all my nails with Sweet Daisy.


Using plate Qgirl-046 from Ya Qin An and white stamping polish, I applied the striped pattern pictured on the right side of the plate to my nails. For the horizontal stripes, I only used the bottom half of the striped pattern and tilted my stamper accordingly.


I did some reverse stamping using the flowers from Qgirl-046 and some purple polishes. To make it look more sparkly, I applied Meet Me At the Disco to the image first before coloring it in with lavender polish.


I stamped the flowers directly onto my nails, and after applying Seche Vite top coat, I applied a drop of Kiss Nail Art Glue and added a rhinestone to the center of each flower.

It’s a very simple manicure, but it screams summertime!  If you don’t have the plate, you can opt to handpaint the lines with a striping brush or use some striping tape.  I’m sure the results will look just as fabulous.

Happy polishing!

Elegant Purple and White Mani

After so many fun hand painted manicures, I felt like stamping something elegant.  I was still pretty strapped for time, so after my last manicure peeled off unexpectedly, I needed to whip something together in a hurry.


I started by painting my nails with this shimmery purple/blue chameleon polish MS03 from Ators.


I used plate BPL-007 from Born Pretty Store to do the stamping. For this mani, I used the design in the top row, 2nd from the left for my middle two nails and thumb and part of the design from the middle row, 2nd from the left for my index finger and pinky.


I used Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #4 (white) and a clear stamper to transfer my selected designs. For the index finger and pinky, I isolated the 3 leaves from the rest of the pattern by stamping the whole image first and removing the excess parts with a piece of Scotch tape.


I glued a few rhinestones to the bottom center of the patterns to finish the look.

The ironic thing is that this Ators polish is water based and a peel off polish, so this design also started falling off in under 2 days!


I got some souvenirs from this manicure!

I should have just used a regular purple polish, but it’s onto the next mani for me!

Happy polishing!