Review of Born Pretty BP-L070 Plate

Because I’ve been doing so much stamping nail art to save time lately, I thought it only fitting that I review some of the plates that I have been using.

Today’s review centers on plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty Store. This plate features 7 large rectangular images along with 16 smaller geometric patterns. All the designs are sophisticated and modern and make for some chic manicures.


Plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty Store.

As with all Born Pretty plates, this one comes with a floral printed cardboard slipcover, and the plate itself comes shipped with the standard blue plastic cling film on top of the metal to protect it from getting scratched. Also noteworthy of the rectangular series plates from this company is that it is mounted on a piece of white plastic and that it has rounded corners to prevent yourself from getting injured while handling the item.


Freshly shipped with blue film on top of the plate. You must remove this layer prior to use.

The back of the slipcover contains the company’s social media information along with instructions for how to stamp your nails.


The back of the packaging has an illustrated tutorial on how to use the plate.

I was able to get great results from this plate thanks to its deeply etched lines. The polish lifted up effortlessly and precisely with my stamper, and I was able to use a few different techniques with it.

Using the 2nd image from the top left side of the plate, I made a faux 3D geometric look by first stamping the pattern with black polish and then stamping over the design again using silver polish. The lines are impressively straight when they transfer, and thanks to the large image size, I had no problem covering my nails completely with the design.


Optical illusion nails.

I also did some reverse stamping with the design on the far right, middle row of the plate to create some fun summer neon nails. After stamping the pattern with black polish, I colored in between the lines and transferred my decal to my nails to create a bright and clean look.


It’s easy to let your imagination fly when coloring in different patterns on this plate.


Fun summer neon nails.

All the patterns on the plate look great over a smooshy nail art base. I used a unicorn color theme to make the avant garde design below. It looks super pretty for the spring and summer months!


Rather than color in individual sections of the pattern, opt for a smooshy base instead.

Overall, if you love simple, clean lines, you will love this plate. There are so many ways you can use it to make impressive looking manicures. The bold lines transfer perfectly onto your nails and can jazz up a basic manicure in no time. This is an easy go-to plate for all year round, and you will be able to create many different looks from it without ever getting tired.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $5.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below. Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.

Happy polishing!


Unicorn Pastel Smooshy Nails

Today’s manicure is all about trying to make some pretty looking nails. I haven’t done any smooshy nail designs since my first try in November, so I decided to use a pastel unicorn-ish palette with colors from the Life’s A Beach Sephora by OPI collection along with some stamping.

I started by painting all my nails white so the light colors would show up better.


Sephora by OPI polish in White Hot.

To do the smooshy nails technique, I used a large stamper and dotted different colors of polish onto the surface. I immediately used the stamper to smoosh the polish onto my nails in a haphazard manner and repeated the process until I was satisfied with the look.


I used light blue, peach, and lavender polishes for the unicorn palette. The colors are called Havana Dreams, I Gotta Blush On You, and It’s Hippo To Be Square respectively, all from the Sephora by OPI Life’s A Beach collection.

You will find that using liquid latex around your nails will help make the clean up process easier, but using regular tape will also do the job if you don’t own liquid latex. I used Born Pretty Liquid Peel Off Tape here which removes fairly easily.


My finished smooshy nail design. Excuse the liquid latex on my fingers as I kept it on to make cleaning up the stamping part easier.

The finishing touch was to add an avant-garde pattern over the smooshy design. For this, I used plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty Store along with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #2 (silver).


This design used the 4th pattern from the top left side of plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty. It reminds me of Frank Gehry designed buildings.

The result is a gorgeous color combo worthy of any summer festival or brunch.


Silver adds the final unicorn color themed touch to this manicure.

This look was super easy to put together, and it’s great if you like light colors.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead! Happy polishing!

Summer Neon Geometric Nails

Hi, everyone! I’m a little behind on posts due to a flurry of musical activity on this end, but I’m hoping to catch up on things soon!

Today’s nail art tries to capture the essence of summer with some bright neon colors and bold geometric shapes. To begin, I painted my nails white using a color simply called White Base Coat from Sephora by OPI.



White Base Coat from Sephora by OPI provides a simple white backdrop that is perfect for making neon colors pop.

To do the geometric design, I used plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty Store for the basic pattern.


For this manicure, I used the design on the far right side of the middle row.

Using a clear stamper, I stamped the pattern with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black, then I colored in the design with various shades from the Sephora by OPI Neon Lights collection. I chose a pink, orange and yellow shade so when I colored in the pattern, I chose to have pink and yellow stripes with the intersecting parts being orange.


The colors used are all from the Sephora by OPI Neon Lights collection. Pink is Glowing Somewhere?, orange is I’m So Vivid With You!, and yellow is Mega-Watt’s Your Deal?

I decided to stamp these zig-zag patterns close to my cuticles, and I alternated the color placement on each nail to make it look more continuous.


All done!

It was pretty easy to make this nail art, and it definitely looks fun for summer! Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy polishing!

Optical Illusion Metallic Geometric Nails

I got some beautiful chrome nail lacquer from Born Pretty recently and wanted to do a nice elegant brushed metal look to compliment it.

The star was really this base color in my opinion. I recall Sally Hansen having similar chrome polish over a decade ago, and the new metallic series from Born Pretty channels the original collection perfectly.


2 coats of Heroine from Born Pretty gives your nails a beautiful metallic surface.

For the nail art, I chose an image from plate BP-L070 from Born Pretty.


This manicure utilizes the 2nd pattern from the left in the top row of plate BP-L070.

The faux 3D effect was achieved with double stamping. I first stamped the image onto all my nails with black polish from Ya Qin An.


Next I used a clear stamper with the same design and silver polish from Ya Qin An and carefully aligned the design over the black polish already on my nails. The second application should offset the lines just enough to create a silhouetted 3D like effect.


I liked the brushed metal effect, so I applied a matte top coat from Sephora by OPI over the design to preserve the stamping.


Although this design looks complex, it was super easy to do. Also, because the design is double stamped, any flaws with the transfer aren’t as noticeable and actually aid in the 3D effect! There is definitely beauty in imperfection.

Hope you have a great day! Happy polishing!