Review of Born Pretty Store BP-X03 Plate

Up for consideration today is stamping plate BP-X03 from Born Pretty Store.  It comes in the standard 6 cm x 6 cm size and will fit in holders that accommodate square plates.


The plate is shipped with blue protective film over it that must be removed before using it.

A word of caution when removing the film.  I never understood how people could cut themselves on stamping plates until I used a square shaped style.  I think that because the edges of the plate are straight rather than curved, there is more of a tendency for the edge to act like a knife, so please be careful when handling the plate to peel off the film.  I held onto the sides a little more tightly than I should have, and I ended up cutting my middle and index fingers to the point where one of the cuts was bleeding!  Under normal use, I don’t see this being a problem, but don’t go gripping the sides too hard.  On the plus side, at least the corners are rounded, so you can’t stab or scratch yourself with a point by accident.

The plate comes with a cardboard sleeve which protects it from scratches while in storage once the film is removed.  The back also shows instructions for how to use the plate should this be the first one that you have ever bought.


I own a few of the square plates from Born Pretty Store, so the front of one sleeve and the back of another are pictured here side by side.

The back of the plate is coated and displays the name of the brand.


Back side view of the BP-X03

As for the patterns, they are a lovely mix of lace and bows.


Close up of BP-X03 plate.

The quality of the etching is excellent.  None of the details are too small where they can’t be picked up by a stamper, so the image transfers look beautiful.


Reverse stamping is easy to accomplish with the bow images.


I used a combination of the fishnet pattern and the bow pictured above to create this sexy leg garter look.

The assortment of full nail designs and smaller images will provide you with endless inspiration for many manicures.  I know that I’ll be using it again for sure!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $3.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!



Fishnet Stockings and Leg Garter Manicure

I can’t believe I’ve been doing nail art for over four years, and I’ve never done any overtly sexy or suggestive!  To get your mojo flowing, I used fishnet stockings as the inspiration for this manicure.

The whole process is very easy if you have the right tools.  I started off with a nude color polish.


This color is called Let’s Plié from Sephora by OPI, a pale peachy pink with a touch of shimmer in it.


I used plate BP-X03 from Born Pretty Store for the patterns in this manicure.


I stamped the fishnet design on all my nails with Konad Special Nail Polish in Flash Black. My index finger does not look as shiny because it does not have top coat on it yet.


I stamped the bow design from the lower right hand side of the plate and colored it in with Shopping Frenzy from Sephora by OPI using the brush from the bottle. If you need more accuracy, feel free to use a detail brush or a dotting tool.


Because I colored in the design on the stamper, I simply waited for the polish to dry and then stamped it onto my ring finger.

It’s pretty simple to be sexy!  Happy polishing!