Review of Born Pretty Geometry BPX-L020 Stamping Plate

Today’s review covers the BPX-L020 plate from Born Pretty Store, which is full of geometric designs.


Geometry BPX-L020 plate from Born Pretty Store.

The plate has the perfect mix of 15 symmetrical and abstract patterns that are well suited for many different kinds of manicures. The full size rectangular images measure 1.6 cm by 1.8-2.1 cm and are large enough to cover your thumbnails without a problem.

When you first receive the plate, you will have to remove the protective blue plastic wrap before you can use it.


No scratches can hurt this baby during the shipping process!

Speaking of protection, the plate also has rounded edges and is mounted on a piece of white plastic so that you can’t injure yourself with the sides. Trust me, it is totally possible to cut yourself on the edge of a metal stamping plate as I have done it accidentally myself. The plastic backing is thick enough to make this impossible to do, and it prevents you from being able to make direct contact with the metal edges.

This plate, as well as other plates form Born Pretty, comes with a cardboard sleeve to protect it from being scratched while it is in storage. The shape and size of the plate is comparable to others from the rectangular series and is perfectly portable.


The packaging lists the series the plate belongs to and has social media information for the company on the back along with instructions for usage.

I first used the pattern from the bottom row, 3rd from the left to recreate the gold veined mirror look that was popular in the 1970s.

I also used the image from the bottom right corner of the plate to make stone marble nails.

Because of the geometrical designs, none of the lines are too fine or detailed to prevent your stamper from picking up the nail polish. The plate has fairly deep etching as well, so it is perfect for beginners to use as well as seasoned professionals.

You can create other quirky and fun looks using the other images on the plate. It is super easy to use and is quickly cleaned with acetone and a cotton pad. Why not add some geometry to your collection today?

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $5.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!


Elegant Stone Marble Nails

Looking for some subtle nail art for spring?  How about trying a marble design?  I’m not talking about water marble, I’m going for the rock!

I started by painting my nails a pale pinkish-gray color.


The color is Thrilling from Formula X.

Next, I used the alcohol ink technique to provide a wash of gray ripples throughout my base color.  I colored a part of a plastic bag with my gray permanent ink marker (Sharpies or BiC Mark It pens are perfect for this) and then dipped a small brush into rubbing alcohol and mixed it with the marker ink applied to the plastic bag to make alcohol ink.  I dabbed the mixture over my nails to my liking, creating a smoky effect.


Rubbing alcohol and a Stone Grey BiC Mark It pen were used to create the wash of grey color on my nails.

I could have easily freehanded the veins in the marble, but I went the stamping route for this one.


BPX-L020 from Born Pretty Store was my plate of choice for this manicure.

Using the pattern from the bottom row, far right side, I transferred the design to my nails with b.m.c. nail lacquer in iced silver.


The finished veined marble look.

I love how simple this design is, and it is the perfect color for spring.  I think this also works great for the working professional because the pattern is so subtle, and the neutral color is non-offensive and goes with everything.

Hope you enjoyed this one!  Happy polishing!

Gold Veined Mirror Nails

Today’s look is inspired by an element of decor that was popular in the 70s: gold veined mirror panels.



Friends have mentioned that the sight of these either reminds them of their childhood home or their grandmother’s house depending on how old they are.  My mom decorated part of a wall in our house with these mirror tiles in the early 80s, and I didn’t understand their allure, even back then.  It’s hilarious that I find myself doing nail art inspired by this style now!

I of course chose to do silver mirror chrome nails as a base, which meant it was time to drag out the LED lamp and gel polish.  I started by applying one coat of Born Pretty Soak-Off Gel Polish in Black, cured this for 30 seconds, and then followed up with a gel top coat which I also cured for 30 seconds.  I opted to only apply one coat of color because I was in a hurry to get out the door and figured that the silver chrome powder would cover up any spots that looked patchy.


One coat of black gel polish with one coat of gel top coat, both products by Born Pretty.

The mirror pigment from Born Pretty isn’t the finest quality because the particles are a little on the large side for this color, but it does a great job of making your nails a shiny silver.


I applied this powder with a silicone brush to all my nails.  The result was grainier than I would have liked, but this was because I forgot to wipe down the top coat with alcohol.  Typically Born Pretty Soak-Off Gel Top Coat is a no-wipe formula, but it is still a little too tacky for use with these chrome pigments.  A smoother appearance can be achieved when the surface is not so sticky.


Silver mirror chrome nails. The finish looks textured but is smooth to the touch.

After applying another layer of gel top coat and curing it to secure the silver pigment, I proceeded to do some stamping on top.  I used Born Pretty Store’s BPX-L020 plate to inlay a gold cracked pattern to the base color.


The Geometry BPX-L020 plate from Born Pretty Store. I used the pattern from the bottom row, 3rd from the left for this design.

The gold doesn’t stand out too much against the silver because the color is so shiny, but there’s no denying that it looks like the gold veined mirror from the above picture!


Stamping was done with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #1 (Gold).

I’m only slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a more reflective finish from the silver powder, but I do like the look.


With nails this metallic, I want to go to a disco party!

This was a pretty easy design to put together, although using pigment powder is always a messy ordeal.  If you’re ever waxing nostalgic for some 70s decor but don’t want the permanence of a home renovation, put these gold veined mirrors onto your nails instead!

Happy polishing!