Review of Harunouta Plate L009

If you have been into nail art for as long as I have, you are bound to have quite a stamping plate collection by now.  Yet when I saw this plate from Harunouta, I felt like I had to own it!


Harunouta L009 plate comes shipped with blue plastic wrap shielding the metal so that it doesn’t get scratched. You must remove this layer before using it.


It even comes with this pretty cardboard sleeve for storage so that your other plates can’t scratch the metal once the plastic wrap comes off.


Lace, flowers, and pretty decals adorn this plate.

It’s hard to not love the designs here.  The company fit an assortment of different patterns across this long rectangular plate covering a space of 4-3/4 x 2-1/8 inches.  The size is the same as other long plates, and it is mounted to a white hard plastic backing so that you can’t cut yourself on the metal edges.

I found this plate extremely easy to use.  The etching is consistent and deep, and the lines of the images aren’t too thin so it’s easy to pick up whatever design you desire.

The lace strips in the center of the plate are great for full nail coverage.  I used reverse stamping to color in the flowers with holographic polish.


Reverse stamping.


A pretty holographic floral mani using the lace decal in the very center of the plate. The length of the image allows you to have each nail look different while having the same theme, lending it a hand painted look.

The only downside about these lace strips is that they are just a bit too narrow (7/16 of an inch, or slightly less than half an inch) to cover wide nails.  This would work in your favor for the other two lace designs that have scalloped edges as they look like they are meant to be that way, but for the middle design, it gives the nail the appearance of being unfinished.


Slight gaps on the sides of my thumbnail where the design did not cover the nail bed completely.

The rest of the plate specializes in pretty border decals and floral patterns.  Because they are etched in a curved formation, they lend themselves well to being stamped as a French tip or as a half moon design.


Gold art deco style nails using the pattern on the far right side of the plate.

An accent nail is also easily achieved by singling out one element from the strip.


Pearly iridescent nails get bumped up a notch by stamping the design 3rd from the right side of the plate.

One might argue that there is no need for the same design to be etched 4-5 times on the plate, but the layout looks so pretty that I don’t mind.  I think Harunouta made good use of the space on the plate.

You should also keep in mind that because of the circular form of some of the patterns, they will not appear completely vertical and straight on your nails.  This is not an issue if your nails are short because you can only fit a small portion of the image strip onto your nail (refer to the single flower decal in the above photo), but this can be problematic if your nails are very long.  Also, the designs that are closer to the center of the plate in the circle are more curved than the ones along the left and right sides, so you might want to consider the shape of your nails and/or cuticles when choosing a pattern to use.

Overall, I think this plate is a fantastic buy, and you can easily create dozens of different manicures from this one item.  It won’t let you down!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $5.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!


Classy White Pearl Iridescent Gel Nails

Due to my very hands on side job, my nails have been a wreck lately.  Peeling, breaking, dry- just name it and it probably describes in what kind of condition my nails are.  I heard that gel polish can really help protect natural nails while they grow out, and although I never thought that I would take that plunge, I decided to do it anyway…  at least in part.

The big dilemma is that being a nail art blogger, it’s hard to commit to just one shade of polish for a long period of time.  When gel polish is applied correctly, the manicure can last for weeks, and that just doesn’t cut it in the nail art world!  As much as I would like to take a bit of a break, I feel compelled to try to produce something at least once a week.  So what’s a girl to do?

I thought that a white base would serve my purposes the best.  It intensifies whatever color you paint on top of it, so it was a pretty good trade off.  Plus I could try out one of my new chrome pigment powders on top of it to give it a pearly look.

With a good gel application, thorough preparation is key.  I began by lightly removing the shine from my natural nails by filing the surface with the coarse side of a buffing block.  After brushing away the dust, I put on a coat of Nail Tek Step One primer.  It is essentially alcohol with some additives, so you can also simply wipe your nails down with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.  Once the alcohol evaporated, I applied a thin coat of Structure base coat from Red Carpet Manicure and cured it under a light.

I made a jelly sandwich by using regular nail polish over the gel base and sealing it in with a gel top coat.  I own one gel polish color right now, but I have hundreds of bottles of regular nail polish, so it would be a shame not to use part of my extensive collection!  My white base this time was wild white ways by essence.


This white polish was opaque in just two coats, and contrary to the name, you do not need a light to cure the polish.

Because I was using regular nail polish, I had to wait for a bit to make sure the polish dried fully before I applied gel top coat.  I used Born Pretty Store Soak-off Gel Polish top coat for this manicure.

After curing the top coat, I applied my magical shimmery fairy dust, otherwise known as Born Pretty Store Chrome Pigment #585, with a sponge applicator.


Pretty iridescent magic in a jar!


Whoever came up with the saying that you can’t wear white after Labor Day obviously never meant the iridescent kind!

I applied another layer of gel top coat over this and cured it.  This means that beautiful pearly white gets sealed in until I officially remove my gel polish!

These nails already look fit for a bride, but I jazzed it up with an accent nail by stamping a floral design from Harunouta plate L009 onto my ring finger.


Any one of these patterns would look lovely over a white base, but I chose a bunch of flowers from the right side of the plate for this manicure.


The stamping polish used is Konad Special Nail Polish in Flash Black.

To allow myself the ability to be able to change up my nails, I applied Seche Vite top coat over the stamped nail.  The next time I want to paint my nails, I can easily remove only the stamped portion without affecting the base color.  This is also a great hack for those who like to stamp because you can erase any bad transfer jobs by using regular nail polish remover with a cotton pad, and you won’t have to start over from scratch.

Photographing how beautiful these nails are was quite difficult as the color changes in different light settings, so I’m humoring you with a few different shots.




Hope you enjoyed this look!  Happy polishing!

Art Deco Gold Chrome Nails

I have to admit that once September hits, I tend to be swamped, so I really apologize for being lazy with my blog.  I’m trying to keep up with everything as much as I can!

For this manicure, I tried out some of that cool gold chrome powder that has been all the rage.


Gold chrome mirror powder from Born Pretty Store.

It works best over gel polish, but because I hardly own any gel polishes, I opted to use a gel top coat from Born Pretty Store over regular nail polish.


The bottle says that this is a primer, but you can use Born Pretty Soak-off Gel Polish as a top coat as well.

I also used Ünt Ready for Takeoff peel off base coat with this one because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of taking off gel nails.  The stuff works wonders for easy polish removal!


I started by painting all my nails black. Pictured here is Johnny by Julep.

I applied a layer of Born Pretty Soak-off Gel Polish top coat over this and cured it under a LED lamp for a minute just to be safe.


Using the sponge applicator that was provided in the set, I rubbed the gold pigment onto my nails. They instantly looked shiny and awesome!

After cleaning up the excess powder, I applied another layer of gel top coat and cured it for a minute to seal the chrome look in.  I made a jelly sandwich!


C3PO can’t beat these nails!

I jazzed up the chrome effect by picking a design off of Harunouta plate L009.


I stayed retro cool by stamping the design on the far right side of the plate onto my nails.


I used Konad Special Nail Polish in Black and a clear stamper to place the center of the scalloped fan design onto the half moon portion of each of my nails.


After applying Seche Vite top coat, I’m all done!

The chrome brings some serious glamour into your life.  And do you know what’s awesome about stamping over gel topcoat?  If you mess up, you can wipe your nail clean with acetone and a cotton ball, and you don’t have to re-paint your base color!

Stay tuned for more of the pigment craze!  Happy polishing!