Ice Cream Nail Art

I can’t believe that I didn’t know that July 19 was National Ice Cream Day!  I definitely would have celebrated were I aware of this beforehand, but I hope you guys enjoyed some ice cream.  🙂

It’s totally coincidental that I decided to do some ice cream inspired nails last night.  I’ve been in a funk because of horrible back pain that I’ve been experiencing the past few days, and I had to force myself to do my nails just to keep some sort of normalcy in my life right now.  I was not in the mood to do any freehand painting, so I decided to look through a set of Bundle Monster plates that I purchased a few months ago and thought that the two plates below would make a great looking ice cream manicure.


Plates by Bundle Monster- the inspiration for this week’s manicure.

Next step: picking the colors.  I used only three different polishes for the final look.

Sephora by OPI- Neutral Beauty
Julep- Olivia
Konad Special Nail Polish- Pink


Polishes for a strawberry ice cream mani.

First, I painted 2 coats of Neutral Beauty onto all of my nails to make the general ice cream cone color.  This technically ends up being the highlight color on the cone part of the design after the stamping is done.


Neutral Beauty by Sephora by OPI

Next, I used Olivia with plate BM-418 to make the waffle cone pattern.  I kept the smaller sized part of the design toward the cuticle knowing that the larger part would be covered by the ice cream drips later on.  They kind of look like giraffe nails at this point, mainly because the brown color that I used is dark.  I don’t own many brown polishes (honestly, how many different brown polishes does anyone own?), so I had to go with Olivia.


Slightly burnt looking (or maybe chocolate covered) waffle cone pattern done with Olivia by Julep and the BM-418 plate by Bundle Monster.

I used Konad’s pink polish to imitate strawberry ice cream dripping down the sides of the cones.  I knew that there was no way that the polish would be opaque enough to cover the waffle cone pattern, so I considered the stamping as a template for how to paint the drips on afterward.


What Konad Special Nail Polish in Pink and Bundle Monster BM-405 look like on top of the cone pattern. Unfortunately the polish isn’t opaque enough to cover the existing design.

The last step was to go back and paint over the drip pattern directly with the brush from the bottle.  Thankfully, Konad polishes have a small and somewhat stumpy brush, so it’s easy to paint with with a little precision.  If you want to recreate this look with a different brand of polish, you can also use a dotting tool so that it’s easier to achieve the rounded edges of the drips.

Technically it’s not even necessary to stamp the drip pattern on beforehand, seeing as you have to paint over it again to make it look more opaque.  I just wasn’t feeling up to doing it completely freehand because of the aforementioned back pain, but painting over a stamped pattern definitely makes you feel more secure in the same sense that kids love using tracing paper to draw.

The result is a fun summertime mani that drips with happiness without the mess.  Enjoy!


Melting strawberry ice cream never looked so good.


Posing with a Cheesecake Oreo ice cream cone from Max and Mina’s in Queens. Yum.