Christmas Ornament Emerald Green and Gold Manicure

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I guess I took more of a break than I bargained for, so I apologize for disappearing once again. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of rehearsals and performances, so I simply did not have any time for myself. I decided to finally break my dry spell the other night by doing some Christmas themed nail art!

I definitely took advantage of some of the Cyber Monday deals online, so I added some really nice colors to my collection from Live Love Polish. One of my recent acquisitions was this awesome polish from Superchic Lacquer called No Rest for the Wicked. It’s a stunning deep emerald green holo, and the quality of the formula is just amazing. The color was super opaque in just one coat even though I ended up applying two coats to my nails to even out the texture, and it was a great polish to use to get back into the swing of doing some nail art again.


No Rest for the Wicked from Superchic Lacquer is simply an amazing color through and through. It’s ultra pigmented, easy to apply, and it’s holographic!

I immediately knew that I wanted to pair this color with some gold stamping, so after shuffling through my plates, I settled on using Celebration BPX-L013 from Born Pretty Store. Continue reading

Pole Dancer Nails

After doing the silhouette of the rhythmic gymnast for my Olympics themed nails, I felt the urge to do something else with a silhouette.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to rely on my freehand painting skills for this one because I have a stamping plate that fits the bill perfectly!


Can you get jiggy with it?  Plate BP-X07 from Born Pretty Store.

Seems to me like there were quite a few pole dancers and sexy girls on there, so I went with a holographic polish base to fit the mood.


My holo polish of choice was Things That Make You Go Bloom by KB Shimmer.


I used bmc nail lacquer in noir black to do the stamping, but I wasn’t that thrilled with the opacity.


I ended up going over a lot of the images with craft smart acrylic paint in Black to intensify the silhouettes. The poles were corrected with paint and a striping brush, and I had to draw in the bust outline for the girl on the far left.

Of course, the lesson is to make sure you use good quality stamping polishes in the first place so that you don’t have to paint over your stamping to make it look good!  I suppose it would have looked fine in either case, but certain details didn’t get picked up from the plate so well, and my OCD wouldn’t let me leave things like that.


My “pole” is actually my flute!

It’s still a cute idea, and it reeks of Showgirls.  Don’t you think Nomi Malone would approve?

Happy polishing!

1,000 Followers on Instagram!

This month I finally hit 1,000 followers on Instagram.  It has taken almost a full year to hit that number, and I’m very thankful that anyone even notices me!  If you’re an aspiring blogger, don’t give up!

I’ve been awfully short on free time this month.  Ask me what I’ve been doing, and I can’t even tell you because my brain is so fried!  I turned to my favorite brand for one step nail art in a bottle to help me out for this one: Pretty & Polished.


Party on My Yacht by Pretty & Polished. Just look at that gorgeous crelly goodness!

All the multicolored glitter reminds me of confetti, so what an appropriate way to celebrate my little milestone.

I used a peel off base coat underneath this, so of course my polish started falling off after 2 days.  At least I’ve got some incentive to do my nails again!

Happy polishing!


Review of Some Bunny To Love by Pretty & Polished Nail Lacquer

While I was taking a break from nail art, I decided to try out a polish I loved but hadn’t had a chance to wear yet.


Some Bunny To Love from Pretty & Polished

I bought this from Live Love Polish, which is located in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City.  I love that they’re a local business!  I have fantasies of working there amidst their beautiful nail polish selection.

Some Bunny To Love is an awesome milky white crelly color with 4 different kinds of brushed metallic finish glitters suspended in the base: yellow fine specks and pink, blue, and lavender confetti circles.  It comes in a 15 mL bottle, so it will last quite awhile.

For those who are unfamiliar with crellies, they are a polish hybrid of creme and jelly finishes.  The finish allows any suspended glitter to show through the polish color, although not all crellies contain glitter.

The glitter is a easy way to get one step nail art done for those who don’t think they can handle painting more than just a base color.  People gave me so many compliments on how pretty the polish looked, and they were amazed that the polish and glitter were all done in one step!

As for application, I helped make it go on easier and more opaque by applying a white base coat prior to painting my nails.  I used just 2 coats of Some Bunny To Love to get the look in the pictures.


I baked a cake 2 days after I did my nails, and there was minimal wear on the tips.

I easily wore this color for just over a week with just wear at the tips and maybe one chip.  I work with my hands a lot, so I think the polish is outstanding in terms of durability.

The most negative part about this polish was that I kept craving vanilla frosting with sprinkles because that’s what my manicure looked like!  Mmm, fingers full of frosting…  And you wondered why I baked a cake!  It wasn’t just for the sake of taking a photo!  😉

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

Shop the links below for similar crellies.  You’ll love them all!

Happy polishing!