Holographic Butterfly Manicure

Welcome, Daylight Savings Time! To me, spring seems to start once the clocks jump ahead an hour. While I don’t enjoy losing an hour of sleep, I do enjoy the extra daylight, but the time change always makes me a little nervous that maybe my phone didn’t change the time and that my alarm will go off an hour later than it was supposed to! Hence the inspiration for this pretty butterfly (in my stomach) manicure.

I began by painting my nails with Aimeili’s 032 Eur So Chic gel polish. It is a lovely dusky rose color that looks perfect in 2 coats. Each layer cured for 60 seconds in a 36W UV/LED lamp.


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Vampire Inspired Halloween Nails

Halloween is on a Monday this year, so all the parties happened on Saturday (yesterday).  I had at least two different ones that I could attend, so I needed matching nails!

I’m not sure what you would call my planned costume, seeing as it was a mix of different things and not just a pre-packaged store bought item.  I do love dressing up!  Let’s just say that it involved a lot of red and black stripes.


The color palette from left to right: Ring In the Red by China Glaze, Dark Matter by Formula X for Sephora, Curve-aceous by Sephora by OPI, and Konad Special Nail Polish in Black.

I wanted to freehand glittery red blood dripping from the tips of some nails and stamp the pattern of my bodice for the other nails.  The stamping was done with plate BP-L020 from Born Pretty Store.


Lots of lace on BP-L020 from Born Pretty Store.

The steps for this one are pretty simple.


  1. Paint the index finger, pinky, and thumb with black polish (Dark Matter) and the middle and ring fingers with red polish (Curve-aceous).
  2. Stamp the lined pattern onto the red nails.  Other methods of achieving this are simply freehanding the lines with a striping brush or using striping tape as a stencil, but stamping is the quickest way to go for most people.
  3. Finish off the stamping by adding a lacey border along the cuticle line.  I used the pattern from the bottom row of the plate, 2nd image from the left.  Add blood droplets to the black nails with a dotting tool by forming a large dot where you want the drop to fall and dragging the top of the drop up to the tip of your nail.
  4. Paint red glitter polish along the tips of your nails to connect the drips together and add top coat.  Done!

I think they match my costume pretty well, no?

The saddest thing was that after taking a disco nap on Saturday night, I woke up with a horrible headache complete with nausea, so I ended up not going to either party.  Boo.  How’s that for a trick?  I plan to make up for this by eating a lot of chocolate on Halloween.

Happy polishing to all you ghouls out there!  Be safe and enjoy!

Review of Ya Qin An Qgirl-046 Stamping Plate

The product of the day is this awesome stamping plate from Ya Qin An.  I’ve grown to love and trust products from Ya Qin An, although I wasn’t a fan of the quality of one of their first Qgirl series plates.  Qgirl-046 is a completely different plate, and it does not disappoint!


Square packaging for a circular plate. The upper left hand corner has a hole punched in it in case you want to attach this to a key ring or binder.

First of all, the packaging has been significantly upgraded.  It is clearly marked as a Ya Qin An product, and the plate is mounted on a piece of cardboard which fits into a cardboard sleeve for extra protection during shipping.


Notice that there is blue film covering the surface of the plate to protect it from scratches during shipment. You must remove this layer before using it.

The back of the package illustrates how to use the plate.  Everything is written in Chinese, but you probably will know what to do with the plate without even having to look at this.


To prevent the plate from slipping out from the sleeve, they also secured it with a label that wraps from front to back with a warning that the edges of the plate are sharp and to use caution.  I don’t find the plate to be any sharper than my other circular plates, but it is always good to be careful when handling it just in case.  There is paper on the back of the plate to help cut down on mishaps, and it also helps to keep the plate from slipping too much during use.


The back of Qgirl-046 is still the same as the other plates from Qgirl.

Fans of geometric patterns will love this plate.  It is covered in lines, checkerboard print, and a few different sized flowers just waiting for some reverse stamping.


Qgirl-046 plate in detail.

The etching is done much deeper than it was in the past, so you won’t have a problem picking up any of the patterns.

The size of the plate is the same as other circular plates by Konad, Bundle Monster, and Born Pretty Store, so it will fit in any holders you may already have.

What I love the most about this plate are the large sections running along the top and right side.  Not only can the stripes be multi-functional in the sense that you can stamp plain lines horizontally or vertically across your nails, but these areas will accommodate most nail sizes provided that your stamper is big enough.


Fun with line placement.

As mentioned before, the flowers are great for doing some reverse stamping.  Simply stamp your image and fill in the petals with the color of your choice before stamping the image onto your nail.


I wanted my flowers to be sparkly, so I colored them in with a glitter top coat and a purple shade prior to stamping.

The results are quite beautiful.


To see a photo tutorial for these nails, please see my post on this coral and white striped mani.

The checkerboard print was great inspiration for a set of chess themed nails.


The chess pieces are hand painted, but the checkerboard print comes from Qgirl-046.

I do have to warn you that using squishy stamper heads makes getting a precise pattern hard because of the distortion that can happen when you push down too hard, either when transferring the image from the plate or to your nails.  Try to use the same amount of pressure over each nail, or use a firmer stamper, and you won’t have a problem.

Also when stamping lines, be sure to roll your stamper across your nails consistently from one side of your nail to the other side or else your lines will not transfer correctly.

I encourage you to experiment with this plate because I’ll definitely be coming back to use it more in the future!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $2.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!




Coral and White Striped Mani

Welcome to the hot days of summer!  One of my favorite warm weather color combos is coral and white, so I wanted to do a fun little manicure with that palette.


Polishes used from left to right: Sweet Daisy by Nicole by OPI, Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in #4 and #8, Planks A Lot from OPI, and Meet Me At the Disco by Sephora by OPI.


I began by painting all my nails with Sweet Daisy.


Using plate Qgirl-046 from Ya Qin An and white stamping polish, I applied the striped pattern pictured on the right side of the plate to my nails. For the horizontal stripes, I only used the bottom half of the striped pattern and tilted my stamper accordingly.


I did some reverse stamping using the flowers from Qgirl-046 and some purple polishes. To make it look more sparkly, I applied Meet Me At the Disco to the image first before coloring it in with lavender polish.


I stamped the flowers directly onto my nails, and after applying Seche Vite top coat, I applied a drop of Kiss Nail Art Glue and added a rhinestone to the center of each flower.

It’s a very simple manicure, but it screams summertime!  If you don’t have the plate, you can opt to handpaint the lines with a striping brush or use some striping tape.  I’m sure the results will look just as fabulous.

Happy polishing!

Adrianna Papell Black and Blue Striped Dress Nails

I played in a small recital tonight, so naturally I wanted my manicure to match my dress.  I just bought a gorgeous black and blue striped gown from Adrianna Papell, and the graphic print looked so nice that I decided to put it on my nails.


The fabric print of the dress… and no, it’s not white and gold!

The colors are obviously blue and black, so I tried to use a similar blue that wasn’t too dark and could show the black stripe contrast against it.  Because I wanted to hand paint the lines, I knew I was going to use black acrylic paint for the most part, and I used a sparkly black polish for accent stripes.


The materials from left to right: craft smart acrylic paint in black, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue It, and Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer in Rhinestone Rocker.

After applying a base coat, I painted Blue It on all my nails.


Blue It by Sally Hansen. It’s also great for a September birthstone (sapphire) manicure.

I used a striping brush along with black acrylic paint to form stripes of varying thicknesses.  I made the thumbnail a chevron pattern and made a giant chevron out of the other four nails.  I tried to make everything as symmetrical as possible, so my index and middle finger nails are mirror images of my ring and pinky finger nails.


Stripes painted with acrylic paint. It looks like I made blueberry candy cane nail art.

Some of the stripes on the dress have a glittery hue on one side, so I painted Rhinestone Rocker on a few of the sections with a striping brush.


A hint of shimmer gets added to a few stripes with Rhinestone Rocker by Ulta Professional.

After adding a topcoat, everything looks shiny, and the contrast between the black stripes and the glittery ones is less noticeable although still pretty.


All done! Black and blue striped goodness.

It should be mentioned that I didn’t try to exactly copy the striped pattern of the dress.  I just painted the different thicknesses and spaced the lines out in a way that I thought might look nice.


Side by side comparison of the Adrianna Papell dress to my nails. I guess I put the shimmery stripe on the wrong side of the line, but I didn’t try to exactly copy the pattern.

The manicure was a small touch that I’m sure the audience didn’t notice, but it was a nice concert regardless.  Happy polishing!